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    I met god on acid

    This is a synopsis of my LSD trip a few days ago: I’ve struggled with my mind for some time now, overthinking everything, struggling with levels of consciousness and why I do things, but today I figured everything out. Even now, as I lie here in bed after my eventful day, sober; I have been...
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    Does Horizon Zero Dawn actually provide a plausible solution to a collapse in the Earth's capabilities to sustain life on Earth?

    In the event of a Horizon Zero Dawn situation, what would the criteria for choosing genetic diversity be? Since there are more genetic differences between intraracial individuals than between interracial individuals, would racial diversity be a significant priority or would choosing those with...
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    Impressive New/Upcoming PC Games

    So I chose the most basic game on this list: Black Ops 4. Seems pretty lame but I got a lot of enjoyment out of the Call of Duty series until about Black Ops 2. After that, I made the mistake of buying CoD: Ghosts and ever since then, no Call of Duty game has ever lived up to my expectations...
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    Stardew Valley Multiplayer!!

    I know most of you have probably never heard of Stardew Valley, let alone played it but I'm very excited for this because that game has a special place in my heart. So as a brief introduction to the game itself, Stardew Valley is a wholesome game where your character moves from an office job in...
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    #SELFIE ✌

    (on the far right) Alright, so this is not necessarily the most attractive picture of me... but I'm glad that I got to spend today with my amazing friends!
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    Screenshot Gallery

    Damn I honestly forgot how beautiful Rust is. Might join you on your next stream just so I can relive it. Huge fan of Rust before the overhaul though, it was a lot simpler and plus they didn't wipe the servers every week back then
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    Luke is my daddy

    Hey there, I go by a few names, but you will most likely know me by iBangPigeons. I have also gone by Nexusthereal and BreakingBean in the past so if you hear either of those names, don't get too confused. But anyways, if you get to know me on a more personal level or don't want to be so crude...

What on Earth?

What is Earth2Luke? Well, Earth2Luke is a gaming community that was founded in 2013 by the community leader known as Luke. It all started from Hidden: Source, a mod you could play for free on steam, made from the source engine. From there, the community jumped around games from Garry's Mod to ARK, from Stronghold to RUST, and no who knows what's to come next. You'll just have to join and find out! :D


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