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  1. Luke

    Call me Sunoka or Sun for short

    Welcome to the community! It's always nice to see new faces.
  2. Luke

    Why The Fuck Do We Have Traffic?

    They only allow 20 Episodes on Netflix at a time so it's currently not on there, but I found it here and think you should watch this!
  3. Luke

    Should ladders be allowed while raiding again?

    Many of you may have noticed, since it's mentioned in the title of the server, but ladders are disabled on our server when attempting to place them on someone else's structure. This was done to help balance out the extremely easy raiding provided by the 20x resource gather-rate. Since then, the...
  4. Luke

    Should you be allowed to place turrets if raid-blocked?

    Here's an interesting option I came across when examining the raidblock plugin, "No Escape." It's the option to specifically allow the placement of certain things even if you are raid-blocked. Raidblock is basically the plugin that prevents people from trying to teleport all their loot out of...
  5. Luke

    I met god on acid

    I've never been able to push myself into having this experience, but I'd be lying if I said I never considered it. In-fact, there was a moment when JUSTON and I lived in Nashville where we had access to this sort of experience if-ever we wanted to give it a go, but we never got around to it...
  6. Luke

    How To Make A Rust Server With Plugins (Auto Update)

    How To Make A Rust Server With Plugins (Auto Update) Here's an almost 24min video I put-together for everyone within the community that is interested in starting their own Rust server, using Oxide/Umod. You'll have to go to the actual YouTube page for the video in order to see the...
  7. Luke

    Song of the Day

    Perhaps you've heard the produced version of this before. I know I've made our Discord bot play it for everyone a couple of times. Here's a deconstructed (acoustic) version of it. So beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. Luke

    Let's Make Rust Great Again!

    Actually working on that very thing right now. That's something we plan on bringing back. It costs $17 currently, and we haven't had enough donations from the server to accommodate certain plugins yet.
  9. Luke

    Let's Make Rust Great Again!

    I'm just afraid someone will place a wall right back up where someone just C4d their way in. But you tell me the game doesn't allow you to build in a recently destroyed spot; which I guess I've yet to notice. If that's the case, then I'm all for it, but I'd love to get some more opinions on the...
  10. Luke


    Very good... ?
  11. Luke


    This is fake news. My face is NOT beautiful. Lies.
  12. Luke

    Let's Make Rust Great Again!

    So a lot of us have been enjoying a certain Rust server, as of lately. But only up to the extend because we started putting time and effort into it. After a while, a few of us agreed to find another server after the next wipe. I'd love for us all to WANT to play on our own Rust server but the...
  13. Luke

    Our Hidden: Source Server is Unhidden!

    Some of you may remember the game that started it all for the Earth2Luke Gaming Community, Hidden: Source! Well, we've launched our server exactly the way that it was 7 years ago, minus a couple of things that no longer work due to certain updates, but it's close enough!!! Anywho, we invite you...
  14. Luke

    The F2S: Stronghold Server is back!

    Garry's Mod - F2S: STRONGHOLD That's right! We have our Stronghold server back up and better than ever! This Team Deathmatch-styled gamemode has a nice twist to it, allowing it's players to build and defend their own bases which may or may not harbor their own preset spawn points, where in...
  15. Luke

    Rust Server: It's ALIVE!

    IP ADDRESS: Join us on our Rust server where the resource gather rate is 20x the original rate, as well as countless other little tweaks and addons to enhance your game playing experience on the map, Hapis Island. Server Name: "US Earth2Luke...
  16. Luke

    Impressive New/Upcoming PC Games

    Videos for each game have been added. Ugh, now I wish I chose Metro! Hahaha! Cyberpunk 2077 looks beautiful though! Wow!
  17. Luke

    Impressive New/Upcoming PC Games

    It's so hard for me to choose between all of these great games, which I look forward to the most... But I had to go ahead and choose Anthem, since it's been on my mental-list of anticipated game. It was a very close tie with Metro Exodus, however! I saw the reveal of Death Stranding, though...
  18. Luke

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer!!

    We've all had moments like these in games over the years. There's always quirks and annoyances that could be so easily solved, but seem to take forever to even get acknowledged by the developers. I've heard about this game by many of my online friends, and even friends in-person. I've given it a...
  19. Luke

    #SELFIE ✌

    This was taken early April of 2018 after a few margaritas! Woo!
  20. Luke

    Luke is my daddy

    Nicely written. And welcome to the forums :)

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