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Sticky E2L Rust Server Promotion

Luke May 10, 2017

  1. Luke

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    Time to promote! We'll be putting some money into advertising on Facebook to a targeted group of people who have shown interest in Rust publicly, as well as a few other methods of "getting the word out" online. We've been getting constant suggestions for the server from all sorts of people. We feel like everything is finally set up for an official launch!

    You play a part! We need your involvement on the server, interactions, participation, banter, feuds/rivals, friendships, and excitement! Literally, stop reading this, join our server, and invite as many people as you can who you know that play Rust to join you! Build homes, bases, forts, or even empires! Start a huge clan, and go on a raiding spree! Or, go solo, and mess with the locals! Anything is possible!

    Are you still there? If you're still reading this, just know... Our server is fully equipped with an active staff, as well as a plethora of strategically-configured plugins. Here are some notable plugins worth mentioning...
    • AutoGrades (Bgrade)
    • BetterChat
    • BetterLoot (MegaLoot)
    • BuildingBlocker (Cupboard Build-Block)
    • Clans
    • CraftingController (InstaCraft)
    • EnhancedHammer (Upgrade structure faster)
    • FancyDrop (Better airdrops)
    • Friends (w/Friendly fire options)
    • GatherManager (20x Gathering)
    • SkipNight (/voteday)
    • HighWallBarricades (Cleaner for unprotected high-walls)
    • HitIcon (lets you know if your shot was registered)
    • InfoPanel (Custom HUD)
    • Kits (Easy starter items)
    • MagazinBoost (More bullets in your weapons)
    • MineAnywhere (Resource feedback from hitting anything)
    • NoEscape (Raid TP prevention)
    • NTeleportation (A common TP & Home system)
    • PlayerRanks (Thorough ranking system)
    • QuickSmelt (Smelt things quicker than normal)
    • RemoverTool (/remove command to delete structures)
    • ShowCrosshair (Server-wide configurable crosshair)
    • Skins (Skin anything whenever you want for free)
    • StackSizeController (Enhanced stack-sizes on the server)
    • WoundedScreams (Injured players scream like before)
    We've come too far! So much money and work has gone into our servers for the past few months that we refuse to let things die down! So, let's make this happen, guys! Let's put E2L at the top of the server list!

    "What happened?" you may ask... Well, our past servers couldn't handle the traffic and plugins so it kept crashing. The crashing in-turn deterred a few people from joining again; and we don't blame them; it gets annoying! So as a resolution, we've been switching server-hosts left and right, which was unavoidable, which eventually lead to the dying of the playerbase. When you've changed IPs as many times as we have, people lose the server on the server-list, and figure it's gone for good; even though it's a simple search away from being discovered (filter: Earth2Luke). Anyway, we've found a more permanent solution, and hopefully it stays this way!
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