• Finally! The forums are back up and ready for posts! Sorry it took so long. Who knew so much would be going on since the last update? Anywho, feel free to post as your hearts desire, but as usual, let's keep it relevant and clean(ish). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns... feel free to message Luke!

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Hey there, I go by a few names, but you will most likely know me by iBangPigeons. I have also gone by Nexusthereal and BreakingBean in the past so if you hear either of those names, don't get too confused.

But anyways, if you get to know me on a more personal level or don't want to be so crude as to call out my username, then I am Justin. I go to college in California as an aerospace engineer, and I am a huge fan of anything SpaceX or NASA related. Feel free to dm me any cool space stuff or mention it in chat.

As for games I play, I play mostly everything from GTA and CoD, to PUBG, Fortnite, Rust, LoL, Overwatch, CSGO, Minecraft, Space Engineers, ARK, Arma, or Subnautica. I also play tons of more games than what I listed, but pretty much any survival game, story game, fps, or rpg I am happy to play so even if I don't have the game you're playing, make sure to bring it up and I will 100% check it out at the least, or at the most drop hundreds of hours into it.
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Earth2Luke is a gaming community that was founded in 2013 by the community leader known as Luke. It all started from Hidden: Source, a mod you could play for free on steam, made from the source engine. From there, the community jumped around games from Garry's Mod to ARK, from Stronghold to RUST, and no who knows what's to come next. You'll just have to join and find out! :D


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