The Ballad of NiteShade | The Problem With The Ideal Player



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Mar 7, 2018
There's many different types of rust players out there. Everybody plays the game for different reasons and enjoy different aspects of the gameplay. In this post I'm talking about a particular type of character. Using a player on our server named NiteShade as an example.​
What is the ideal player for a server? Someone who's active, of course. Someone who consistently comes back to the server. Someone who interacts with their fellow players. Someone who doesn't break the server rules. The type of player I'm speaking of fits all of these guidelines, yet can still be unhealthy for a server.​
In the video above I do what most players would do coming to our lovely server. I farmed and gathered materials. I built a base and crafted resources. Everything one would think one would do when starting. And within sixty minutes of me leaving the server, everything i had worked hours for had disappeared. Wiped. Destroyed.​
Imagine yourself as a brand new player, or someone who wants to get really into our server. Perhaps even donate. And this happens to them.​
I have first hand seen the issue in having a person or a group of individuals who play this way. Wait until someone is offline, wipe their base, rinse, repeat. This sort of playing can be a detriment to a server. A constant discouragement to the server and the community. This is how you lose a player-base and kill servers. And the real problem is these players rarely realize they're doing it. They're just playing the game right? Its not their responsibility to promote or keep a server going.​
The question for me is where does player and server responsibility meet, and more importantly, where does it divide.​
Now it's no secret me and NiteShade have had quarrels in the past, and yes that could account for the swiftness of his actions. But I have seen this happen to many other players who have come through our server. Discouraged by player(s) who never seems to go offline and are always looking for new advantages to take. But of course, i can only show my side of the coin.​
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