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Join us on Discord

Join us on Discord

Join us on DiscordJoin us on DiscordJoin us on Discord

We've slowly transitioned into using Discord as our main means of communication between other members. Feel free to join us and become a part of our always growing community!

E2L Servers


Here you can find a list of all of our servers. There are some details about what's on them, as well as how you can connect and join in on the fun!

Rust Donate


Here is where you can donate in order to support the Earth2Luke Gaming Community, as well as score some sweet perks as a thanks in Rust!

Steam Group


Join our Steam Group and stay informed when there's an event going on such as a giveaway or a competition with prizes!

The Team


Here you can find a list of our trusted and empowered members throughout the community, and how to contact them.

Apply For Staff


Want to become a part of the staff team? Feel like you have a good head on your shoulders and want to help moderate this community the more it grows?

Apply for Content Creator


Do you stream? Make videos? Make Maps? Know how to code? Feel like you could contribute any kind of content useful to the community?

E2L Servers

The Team

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